Saturday, 16 November 2013

When Tech makes a REAL difference

We take for granted our phones, and pads, but for most of us this technology is just a distraction that actually wastes our time.

The real advances are going to be for those that have impaired senses.

Its exciting to think how new tech could transform their lives..

Today's smartphones are mini-computers. the can be linked hearing aids and have other ingenious ideas are coming thick and fast.

Imagine the benefits got an Autistic person of facial recognition software in glasses could identify how the person in front of you is feeling and flash up captions which say "happy", "sad" or "upset".

Deaf people could enjoy real-time subtitles so they can see what people are saying to them - as they can with television subtitles IRL

Imagine the freedom a self driving car could give to any disability - blind people could make their own choices in Tesco.

Paralysed people who control computers with their minds.

Paraplegic Virtual assistant anyone - this new tech could bring a whole range of people into the work force and give them a new found independence.

lets hope the law makers don't get in the way. As long as there are correct procedures and protocols in place it shouldn't be a problem.

If a blind person has a crash or breaks down on the motorway he we be ins the same situation as an able bodied. If there was an emergency (young girl engrossed in her phone, just steps of the pavement in front of you) new tech would probably better at dealing with that than a real life person because they would have to have stringent protocols to be licenced for road use. human intervention would probably make the situation worse, so the blind person would in effect be the safer driver.

just because you are blind it doesn't take away you ability to make informed decisions.

Exciting times ahead.

just imagine the possibilities.

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