Tuesday, 3 February 2015

A business having its consumer unit upgraded - earth trip protected

BS 7671 Regulation 411.3.3 sets out the requirements for additional protection to socket outlets for use indoors. There are exceptions depending upon the level of supervision, and also for socket outlets that are provided for a specific item of equipment - as opposed to those for general use.

Ensuring that the outlet, socket or connection is identified to the equipment it has been designed to serve (exception (b) of 411.3.3.).

Any outlets intended for general-purpose use by ordinary persons should be additionally protected at 30mA by an RCD, unless the use of them is effectively supervised.

The question of supervision should be discussed with the practice management to establish whether any such supervision is achievable and sustainable.

The same discussion should also include any supervision required by Regulation 522.6.101 with reference to cables concealed in walls and partitions, as a consumer unit replacement is effectively an alteration as defined by BS 7671 and hence the requirements of 522.6.101 should be considered.

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