Wednesday, 19 October 2011

how safe is your electric blanket?????????

Do you even think about it? well you should.

On a day of testing electric blankets in the Bath area found nearly a third were unsafe. as a guide, the people od Bath are not particularly reckless, so you can prersume it is the national norm

A session at Keynsham organised by firefighters and council officials failed 30 per cent – 22 out of 73.

The faults identified wre in wiring or the blankets' thermostats.

the best way of preventing potential fires from breaking out is to get yours checked.

These checks ensure that when blankets are taken out of storage that the wiring is safe and all the controls work properly.

We would advise people with electric blankets to get them tested before they put them on their bed as even a small fault could lead to a fire or result in burns.

D A Woolgar say - never to buy second-hand electric blankets, to check new ones have the UK safety standard mark, to check regularly for signs of wear or damage, ensure blankets are not folded or creased, and do not use it at the same time as a hot water bottle.

Also - common sense, never ger into bed strainght from the shower and never use the blanket if it becomes wet. even if your sockets do have an RCD

If you dont have an RCD (earth trip) fit an RCD plug and check the batteries in your smoke detector too

stay safe

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