Saturday, 1 October 2011

The Sound of silence II

As we have been discussing, the new flock of electric cars run virtually silent. It has been said that new cars will have an electronic soundtrack to warn the less abled and the stupid of a vehicle approaching.

I have seen reports of cars that will sound to alert pedestrians a similar sound to when "you hear the doors close, or use the transporter" on the USS Enterprise. Much as I love star trek, I think they are missing an opportunity here. Pedestrians alerts could be the next big thing like mobile ring tones were in the nineties.

Forget the geeky trekkie soundtrack, how about something that resonates to the tune of the internal combustion engine you had to sacrifice to save the planet.

How about car with personal preference soundtrack. In the morning you could go to work to the sound of something a little more pleasing Ferrari and Lamborghini, or a throaty high-powered V8, go to lunch in a Carrera GT then for a Sunday blast in the country, how about ruptured eardrums with a Corvette C6-R or the mentalness of the Zonda F

Go home to the sound of a V8s Zender, and just as you pull into your street, switch it to a Mercedes' AMG.

What would be your soundtrack??? Dauer Bugatti EB110, Nissan Skyline R31 or McLaren F1, Bugatti Type 35B or Ferrari 275, Lambo Miura, Bristol 401, TVR Tuscan

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