Thursday, 12 January 2012

Bet you dont unplug your charger when its not in use!!!!

as part of our green campaign... we want to let you know, you dont need to buy a £30k electric car to save the planet, start small.... your lap top and or mobile phone charger is using your power even when its not charging your phone...

how much do you think you waste?

Nine out of ten people keep gadgets on permanent charge, despite the potential damage to the battery life, the environmental impact and the possibility of saving on average £60 a year on their energy bill.

UK households waste £134 million a year by leaving gadgets plugged in despite the device being fully charged, according to a study.

The most overcharged devices are laptops, which constitute 43 percent of the total, with mobile phones accounting for 41 percent and iPods ten percent. Other culprits include electric toothbrushes, handheld vacuum cleaners and cordless phones.

One in ten admitted that they were simply too lazy to unplug the gadgets despite the benefits, with people aged 18 and 24 four times more likely to leave them plugged in than those aged 55 or older. It also seems that no demographic is exempt, with one in five children leaving toys on charge.

“It’s crucial that we keep an eye on how much money and energy we’re wasting keeping them charging when we don’t need to,” commented EON’s Emma Thompson. “When you plug in a charger, think about how long it needs to reach full charge, rather than just leaving it on overnight.”

“Generally mobile phones only take two hours to charge but most people leave them plugged in overnight. By unplugging your gadgets once they’re charged, you’ll be helping to reduce your energy bills,” she added.

as a guide - a lap to on charge typically uses 300ma, fully charged, 200ma, plugged in the socket but not plugged in to the lap top still uses 100ma...

200ma over a year (at 15p per Kwh) = £56 for a year...

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