Thursday, 20 June 2013

Longest human electrical circuit: school breaks Guinness world record

Thomas J. Rusk Academy (TJR) fourth grade science teacher Michael Armand organized a successful record attempt; with TJR principal Malinda Lindsey serving as the central link, 669 staff and pupils of TJR formed an electrical circuit which sets  the new world record for the Longest human electrical circuit, according to the World Record

 The previous Guinness world record for the longest human electrical circuit was formed by staff and pupils of Merrill Middle School, Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA on 2 June 2010. The circuit consisted of 378 people and was powered by a low voltage powerball.

      The school decided to challenge the current Guinness world record -- 392 people -- after Armand worked with his students on a miniature version in class.

   One of the students asked Armand what the world record was for the number of people in a circuit, and the teacher decided to pursue the idea.

   After a few practice runs, the school lined the perimeter of the playground. When instructed, they linked hands.

   TJR principal Malinda Lindsey served as the central link, holding the golf-ball sized, low-voltage energy ball that linked the rectangle of students and staff together.

    The ball blinked red and made beeping sounds while the circuit remained complete.

well done to Thomas J. Rusk Academy

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