Monday, 2 June 2014

We are the slave to the algorithm – accept it.

You may think the blog today is going in one direction, but it’s like a tarentino film slightly bloody with a twist at the end.

Who should have control over your own data? You? Or facebook and Google.

This recent court case that’s says you can request search terms are removed to irrelevant or "no longer relevant" information about a person where no wider public interest case exists. It is going to upset a lot of people in the Selling information arena.

I am not talking about Experian, I am talking about your friends and spies in your home.

 Social networking sites may call themselves tech  companies, but the truth is, their business is selling information.

With tech companies and social media shaping global speech and publication, the regulatory and commercial restraints on free expression are going to be top of the agenda  in coming years.

What started as one might consider a  trivial complaint has opened up a discussion in real life.

Facebook's news algorithms are a commercial secret, yet they are an increasingly powerful force in society and therefore a dark force in the making and a much deeper cultural issue; who defines the limits of free speech and how we personally view freedom of information.

The world is changing, fewer people are coming by a business via their homepage. Our behaviour is changing and this points  to how much social platforms and search engines influence how we find it.
Add to the mix – religion and the need to remove "blasphemous" material and your may just be popping back to the era of propaganda.

We need free flow of media. We will decide what is relevant

We need to reinvigorate a new age of free expression – no compromises please

Freedom of speech and freedom of the press are now more important than ever. So if you don’t like what Google says, just don’t be naughty.

So in answer to the questions who should have control over your own data? Not Google or Facebook, but the users of Google and Facebook.

So the final question is, where is Googlefbooks completion so we have a choice?

How was your weekend? on Facebook? searching Google? think about it :)

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