Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Another flash in the pan idea...

Whoop whoop, David Cameron is getting an EV. big news...

DC 'could' swap his ministerial limousine for an electric car under plans to make Whitehall's vehicle fleet greener.

Charging points for electric cars will be installed in Downing Street and a Cabinet minister said he expected all members of the Government "will want to be at the forefront of this".

Under the plans, the use of vehicles by Government departments will be reviewed and where appropriate ultra-low emission alternatives will be procured.

But the Prime Minister's heavily modified and armoured vehicle would not be immediately replaced, as security concerns would need to be addressed in assessing any potential alternative.

Cabinet Office minister Oliver Letwin confirmed that the infrastructure for electric cars was being installed in the heart of Government.

But maybe just to charge his golf buggy.

Come on government, you can do better than that.

how about 25% of all government expenditure of ferrying MP's around London to be 'electric' with a 50% target for 2016.

Now that's a headline...

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