Tuesday, 17 March 2015

DOUBLE your phone's battery time with a special DSyson battery...

James Dyson is hoping to boost the battery life of our smartphones, cars and - of course - our vacuum cleaners.

He has invested £10 million in Michigan-based battery experts Sakti3.

The company has developed a range of 'solid-state' batteries (SSBs) that store 50 per cent more energy than current models and will make our favourite gadgets smaller and safer.

Firm's solid-state battery stores more power than standard lithium-ion. SSBs replace liquid electrolyte in current Li-ion with a metal coating, This makes them more robust, safer and can double the energy density.

Batteries will feature in Dyson's range of cordless vacuum cleaners

The technology could also be used in anything that has a rechargeable battery.

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