Saturday, 4 April 2015

Fire safety

CLOCKS have gone forward an hour. Did you Check your Smoke Alarm???

Many of us will have a bit of time on our hands this weekend. we want to remind you to check your smoke alarms.

The national Fire Kills campaign is using the arrival of British Summer Time to urge householders to ‘tick tock test’ their alarms when they change their clocks over the weekend.

well we say take Easter as a second chance.

Smoke alarms are inexpensive and can be bought in DIY stores and at many supermarkets.

Stats have proved that you are four times more likely to survive a fire if you have a working smoke alarm. As the clocks go forward, it’s an ideal time to ‘press the button’ and make sure both the time and your home safety are right.

Some households will qualify for a free home fire safety check.

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