Tuesday, 26 June 2012

what affects your wifi speed

you would think it would be simple, but I am afraid that is far from the truth

Wi-Fi network speed is based on a large set of variables, such as:

1.Mix of client population.
2.AP and client radio capabilities and specifications (data rate support, beam forming, TPC, output power, sensitivity, radio quality, etc.)
3.Distance of each client device connecting to the AP.
4.Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi interference in the channel.
5.High density handling features such as Airtime fairness, band steering, load balancing, RRM, and many others.
6.Antenna gain (and directionality) of the AP and client devices and related features such as beam forming that improve RSSI and SNR.
7.Signal blockages (e.g. barriers such as walls) in the environment.
8.Location of each client relative to the AP and other clients, as well as location of each AP relative to each other.
9.Interference rejection (directional antennas or smart antennas).
10.AP CPU speed and load (data through the Ethernet ports, application layer functions, control-plane functions, filtering/QoS functions, etc.)

told you it was complcated...

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