Monday, 14 October 2013

Govt dropping EV incentives and Jezza Clarkson

DO YOU think the era of electric cars is nigh, or are you in the other camp who firmly believe that that era is still decades in the future.

To be honest, it is hard to say who is right

The GOVT incentive’s of £5k –, it appears that that figure is not nearly enough to encourage driver to make the leap from Petrol / Diesel.

The continued poor sales seem top agree with this. This is probably because it looks like the manufacturers have actually inflated the price.

Looks like the incentives are going to disappear, so if the price goes up by that amount, that idea becomes baseless, but if it stays the same, buyers will suddenly see that they were more or less ripped off. In any case, electric and plug-in cars will receive a big blow.

To be honest, the industry has been woeful at advertising itself - poor information is standard

Most know very little about this type of car because there is close to no advertising done.

Tie that in with Top Gear, likes to point out the weaknesses of these cars and sending the message that they are not yet ready for the main stage.

What do you think

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