Wednesday, 2 October 2013

I need these - specs that can translate

As a Brit, I am naturally quite lazy and as a treckie I always liked the idea of the universal translator.

Although the universal translator is not here yet, I was very happy to see - translating glasses...

the Glasses that can translate text were unveiled at Ceatec 2013

An NTT Docomo engineer uses a head-mounted display to open a virtual window on a blank paper notepad

Glasses that can translate a menu have been demonstrated by a major Japanese mobile operator.

NTT Docomo's wearable Intelligent Glasses can project an image of translated text over unfamiliar characters, the company said.

The spectacles also allow the wearer to view and manipulate virtual images.

Character recognition technology enables instant language translation for users travelling abroad and reading restaurant menus and other documents

love it, I want some

The glasses, which are still at a research stage, can show translated text in a user's first language, according to the company.

The head-mounted display can translate Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean languages.

The technology can also turn flat surfaces into pseudo-touchscreens, NTT Docomo said.

Wearable technologies have to be the next frontier

bring it on!!!

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