Saturday, 12 October 2013

Safety Saturday - get up off your bum!!! NOW

This is not a national event, its a Woolgar Electrical special

right - you are sitting at your computer, or on the sofa with your phone or generic tablet device.

just how safe are the rest of the people in your home with you? do you know.

time for some exercise.

get up and find your fuse box (its generally a metre or two from you electric meter) and look at it?

does it have rewirable fuses? if it does read this MOT Your Home

if it has a modern board with MCB's and an RCD (Earth Trip) - do you really know it works? when was the last time it tripped out? when was the last time you pressed that little yellow button.

forget the fact you have to reset a few clocks, don't let that deter you. go on be brave.

hang on a minute, put a note in your phone for Monday... if you cant reset the RCD (Earth trip) now, the only way you will get a sparky is on an Emergency Call Out.

Please don't let life or inconvenience get in the way of your family's safety.

I will try to remind you on Monday

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