Thursday, 31 October 2013

We Dont really know who the bad guys are anymore

Google has expressed outrage following a report that the US National Security Agency (NSA) has hacked its data links.

An executive at Google said it was not aware of the alleged activity, adding there was an "urgent need for reform".

That's is for me. I have no sympathy for them and the next time someone hacks a government agency, well they deserved it because obviously they pushed over the first domino.

You pay your money, you take your choices.

Mark my words, its all done for commercial interest and political control, not our safety

If the NSA were really trying to keep people safe, the priority would be keeping people safe, not diplomats, businesses and terrorists.

NSA monitor all e-mail, and phone lines yet they haven't nailed any paedophiles sharing images of children.

how come?

60 million e-mails in Spain - millions of records gleaned daily may be 'Inappropriate and unacceptable' but at least they could use that information to protect our children and families.

Surveillance of millions of telephone calls in every country and they don't come across a single piece of hard evidence - billions of pieces of data and they cant find a criminal.

they would be able to find them if they were looking for them. NSA could stop them before there were any more victims. Innocent children violated

What if a world leader was about to go into a major summit, how useful would it be to know in advance what other countries' real positions were on this, what their bottom line. It doesn't really make for fair debate at even the highest level.

You cant trust any negotiations as the good guys are now the bad guys because they have rigged the game and given us a hand of jokers.

Its all about money and there is no money in catching paedophiles.

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