Sunday, 12 January 2014

Tandem electric car - it's a road-going jet fighter. we want one

look at this little beauty... not sure about the white wall tires, they are a tad naff, but the rest is B-E-AUtiful :)

Car designer Charles Bombardier has just let his imagination run wild, and what an imagination it is.

This is our kind of commuter vehicle. something to make commuting fun, and slightly dangerous.

it combines the fun of a motorcycle with the protection of a car, with some nice eco credentials

The driver and passenger sit in a row just like in top gun with maverick and goose.

(have you seen Tom cruise lately??? I mast be getting old because he looks nothing like the guy from Top Gun anymore...)

Powered by a 30-kW dual-synchronous motor driving the rear wheels, supplied by a lithium/air battery that gives the Arrow a 370 mile range, but NOT when driven hard - that's an 'optimised' figure.

Its a pity its only a concept at the moment but it is very sexy - we hope the 0-60 is in the region of the
Ariel Atom.

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