Monday, 26 December 2011

U is for United Kingdom

We wonder with Alex Salmond’s war cry for independence we wonder how much longer it will be united…

We personally don’t think they have thought it through.

There is no direct precedent for whether Scotland would automatically remain an EU member or retain the pound after separating from the rest of the UK.

This, in turn, would likely mean would be forced to adopt the euro as the UK’s opt-out from the single currency would not apply.

It also suggested that Scotland would have to pay millions of pounds more into the EU’s coffers, because the UK’s rebate would no longer apply, as well as £8.4 billion to bail out euro members like Greece in future economic crises.

No wonder the SNP have refused point-blank to publish the legal advice they hold because it fatally undermines their case for separation.

Citing an independent Scotland’s increased financial contribution to the EU, she said the UK’s size, and strength gives it a negotiating and bargaining edge that Mr Salmond would lack.

The newly independent state would be outside the EU and would need to apply for membership of the EU in the same way as any other non-member.

This would make Scotland liable for loans to euro members, such as Greece and Italy, with “sovereign debt problems” and ensure it pays more into the EU budget than it receives in grants and Common Agricultural Policy payments.

Without the UK’s rebate, citizens in a separate Scotland would each pay £92 per year more into the EU than the country received.

Oil, Oil, Oil be seeing you...

enough of the politics, we hope you have a great time eating left over turkey and drinking

have a Great Boxing day!!!!

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