Saturday, 1 September 2012

Charge Your Electric Car At Prague McDonald’s

Czech power company CEZ opened its 1st charging station for electric cars located at a fast food outlet of McDonald’s Corp. in the Czech Republic. hey chips n zips

McDonald’s restaurants aren’t only in cities but also on highways and often within distances reachable by most electric cars

hopefully 50 stations within two years.

Most charging stations the company has opened so far are located inside compounds of other companies which began using electric cars for their employees.

The charging station at the McDonald’s Prague outlet is equipped with two standard home-type power plugs which allows two cars to recharge fully their batteries in between two and six hours. The station can also be used for a quick charge for a limited driving distance.

The sector is tiny in the Czech Republic, with some 200 electric cars

Opening additional charging stations at McDonald’s restaurants should help grow the market by making electric cars more easily accessible for individual use,

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