Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Watford street light petition

Over 5,000 residents of Watford have signed a petition to encourage Hertfordshire County Council to turn the street lights back on, after the decision was made to turn the street lights off in the town at the end of 2011.

The council decided that the street lights were to be switched off from midnight to 6am in a move to reduce the town’s carbon footprint and save the taxpayer £1 million per year.

But locals say the change will affect crime levels and overall safety and increase the risk of road accidents, adding that it did not support the schedule of shift workers and people returning home late.

The petition calls for the consideration of other alternatives to the current street lighting system, such as PIR activated sensors or more energy efficient LED solutions.

Of the 7,510 street lights in Watford, 4,400 will be turned off in phases over the next two weeks. The areas that will remain lit include accident black spots and places with high crime figures.

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