Sunday, 23 September 2012

Supermarkets 350% pricier than online

A new survey claims there are savings of more than 350% online when compared to supermarket prices. A range of online products - from DVDs to electrical goods - were compared with prices bricks-and-mortar supermarkets and stores typically charge UK consumers. and Amazon came out strongly overall. But    Sainsbury's, Comet and Argos disappointed.

Supermarket rip-off?

For example, Blu-ray High School Musical 3: Senior Year cost £2.99 on website but    Sainsbury's charges £14 – more than 350% per cent higher. White goods are cheaper online too. A Hotpoint double electric cooker offered for £364 at website cost £500 at Argos, £136 pricier.
A Zanussi dishwasher cost £330 at a Comet store but the survey, conducted by TalkTalk and researchers at the Centre for Economics and Business Research, found the same model - a ZDF2020 - could be had for £237 at website

"In clothing," said the survey, "a Nike Golf Tech Swoosh cap can set you back £11.99 at one high street retailer but is a snip at just £5.30 online. In beauty and cosmetics a pack of Garnier Skin Naturals Simply Essential Facial Cleansing Wipes costs £2.99 at one well-known pharmacy but for just £1.80 online."

Not representative - Sainsbury's

However players like    Sainsbury's argue such surveys are a snap-shot, and not representative of their pricing across the board. "We sell a wide variety of entertainment products," said press spokesperson Tom Parker, "and are committed to offering our customers great value. We also ensure our customers get great deals on the big releases."

Parker said that the film Hop on DVD is £3 at Sainsbury's but £4.81 at Play. "Also The Vow DVD + Ultraviolet is £5 at Sainsbury's whereas it is £7.99 at Play," Parker said.

looks like a few more google searches!!

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