Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Home Safety

During Electrical Fire Safety Week (24th - 30th September 2012), the government's 'Fire Kills' campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of electrical fires.
Appliance misuse is the top cause of all fires in British homes and the number has increased by over a third since 2009. Millions of people are committing basic electric safety 'blunders' in the home without realising that they are exposing themselves to the risk of fire or electric shock. These include:

  1. using the microwave as an additional surface and blocking air vents
  2. leaving the tumble dryer running unattended or overnight
  3. blocking air vents by failing to clean behind the fridge/freezer
  4. overloading adaptor sockets
  5. leaving electrical appliances on while unattended, only to be alerted by a burning smell
With a considerable increase in the number of higher risk appliances in homes over the last few years, we believe that there is a clear link between the lack of understanding about electrical dangers and the surge in 'blunder fires'.

stay safe..  

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