Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Olympics better street lights

Did you manage to get hold of any tickets, then? If you were one of the lucky ones to strike gold in the Olympic lottery, you’ll be making your way to the Olympic Park courtesy of some winning lighting upgrades in the surrounding boroughs.

Improvements to the public lighting in the five boroughs neighbouring the Park will perhaps prove to be a more lasting legacy than some of the sporting venues themselves. Take Waltham Forest, for example. It has received £8 million of much-needed funding to make the area’s streets safer, more vibrant and attractive.
The upgrade to the street lighting sees a move away from SON lamps to white light, along with a central management system. Chris Warner is the public lighting manager for Waltham Forest. “The project board felt that Urbis’ offering met the design criteria for the schemes most effectively. They also liked the style of the main luminaires put forward, the Evolo and Paseo.”

The A106 Ruckholt Road, which leads directly to the main Olympic site, utilises the Paseo luminaire, fitted with twin optic 140W CosmoPolis ceramic metal halide lamps from Philips. In other areas you will find Evolo luminaires, equipped with single 140W Cosmos. The photometric performance of the units ensures that clean white light is spread evenly along the roads, which helps make the movement of large numbers of people safer.

“All the luminaires are fitted with the Harvard LeafNut system which I can access through a web server from my laptop. I can adjust lighting levels to individual lamp columns if necessary,” explains Warner. “During the Games we will need to provide a very high level of light. However, after the games are over, we can then use the system to lower the lighting levels and make significant long-term energy savings. It’s the ideal solution for us.” The new street lighting is expected to achieve 20 per cent energy savings.

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