Thursday, 26 April 2012

Where your phone battery life goes

It seems like today we use our mobile phones to do everything but make phone calls. Games and apps are where a lot of time is spent on cell phones these days, and these features can really drain battery life.
Purdue University Computer and Electrical Science researchers said it's not necessarily the game that's using all of the energy.

"We developed a tool that can tell you this information, where is energy going inside this application and before this there was no such tool available in any field," Abhinav Pathak, Purdue University Electrical & Computer Engineering Researcher said.

During one game of the popular app Angry Birds, which is about 45 seconds of play, 45% of energy used goes to tracking your location, 30% to downloading an advertisement based on your location, and only 25% into actual game play.
That means 75% of the energy used in game play  is spent on sending your information to advertisers.
The hardware version of the energy measuring tool is connected to a phone that has an app open.
Pathak said this new tool can be applied in countless ways to help app developers to create better products and save your battery.

"Application developers can see where this energy is going and can do some optimizations," Pathak said. "For example, they can use better data structures or better algorithms to make things fast and cheap energy wise."

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