Thursday, 15 November 2012

Fire and smoke can spread very quickly

Both can kill. It is important that everyone knows how to avoid fires starting and what to do if one does start.

You, your family and visitors must take responsibility for preventing the outbreak of fire.

Most fires are avoidable if you follow a few simple rules:
 •Test your smoke detector weekly, especially if it is battery operated only. If it is not working report it immediately to the Repairs and Maintenance Service.
 •Check your home and make sure that it is safe from fire hazards. Pay particular attention to your kitchen, as two thirds of fires happen due to cooking.
 •Cooking should not be left unattended, particularly when using a chip pan.
 •Pay attention to electrical safety. Report all broken switches, sockets and light fittings or any exposed wiring immediately to the Repairs and Maintenance Service.
 •Do not use or store propane gas bottles, paraffin or other flammable liquids such as petrol anywhere on the premises.
 •Lit cigarettes, cigars and pipes should not be left unattended. For safety advice please see the Avon Fire and Rescue's smoking page.
 •Keep matches away from children and ensure they can not be reached.
 •Candles should only be used in a stable holder, well away from curtains and other flammable materials.
•Do not dry or air clothes near heaters, cookers or open fires. Make sure open fires have fireguards.
 •Close internal doors when you retire at night.

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