Thursday, 15 November 2012

will the Wii U change us???

Is the Wii U

the original Wii sold the nearly 100-million units of the get-off-your-couch console as we wield plastic sticks and pretend to ski, bowl or other...

The new Wii looks like a reaction to the iPhone and iPad... Generation i

The Wii U, which is to be released in the UK at the end of the month... works with the motion-control remotes, and guess what? a 10" pad surrounded by thumbsticks, buttons, triggers and gizmo's

The GamePad is the cousin to an iPad Mini that had a fling with a traditional video game controller.

is this innovations or merely acceding to the cultural tide. but with this, will the Wii U bring families together in their living rooms for touch-screen gaming rather than leave them isolated with their tablets and smart phones...

Simplicity was a large part of the broad appeal of the first Wii. have they lost that? was it the only way to go??? probably...

We I have no idea what the Wii U Portends, or whether it will permanently alter how we play, alone or together.

But it’s going to be interesting finding out - 15 days to go!!!!!!!!!!

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