Saturday, 3 November 2012

Hair straightener accidents now account for one in 10 young burns victims

  • The beauty product can reach 220C, which is hot enough to fry an egg
  •  Children's skin is up to 15 times thinner than adults so far more vulnerable to burns
  •  Straighteners takes 40 minutes to cool down

Hair straighteners are causing 'horrific injuries' to hundreds of young children across the UK, a safety charity has warned.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents said at one hospital in Northern Ireland, one in 10 of children admitted with burns, had been injured by the beauty device with some needing plastic surgery.

Hair straighteners can reach scorching temperatures of 220C - hot enough to fry an egg. As they take 40 minutes to cool they remain dangerously hot for far longer than many parents realise.

Youngsters who grab or fall on them can suffer disfiguring injuries as their skin is up to 15 times thinner than adults.

Figures released by the Royal Belfast for Sick Children show that 17 children aged between three months and nine years attended A&E at the hospital in 2009-10 with hair straightener burns. The average age of the patient was just 18months. They represented nine per cent of the 187 children who attended with 'thermal injuries' during that year.

In June this year,the Frenchay Hospital in Bristol revealed is had treated 110 children for serious burns in the last five years.

you know the message, keep your kids safe... please

Remember the three S's...

SWITCH hair straighteners off and unplug them straight away

SLIDE them into a heat resistant bag

STORE them out of the sight and reach of children 

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