Saturday, 24 November 2012

Smart phones - the tip of the iceberg

Following the launch of the iPhone 5 and its widespread popularity with consumers, public opinion indicates the likes of Siri, is merely the tip of the iceberg in terms of what we expect of phones in 50 years time.

The majority of the public feel that technology will play the most defining role in our lives by 2062 with smart phones being a driving force.
half of those surveyed feel that smart phones and the rise in tablet devices are the biggest technological advancements in the last two years.

67 per cent of those interviewed said they expected to be able to turn their heating on remotely, using their mobiles.  In actual fact, this is something which is already in place.

We believe that we can actually think bigger and expect some revolutionary advancements, particularly with white goods.

smart phones will be incredibly smart; so the question is how far we can take it?  We anticipate fridges which will text you with shopping requirements, advanced video monitoring so the elder generation can stay in their homes for longer; or even solar-powered mobiles, tablet devices and laptops.

As smart phones progress, the survey suggests there may even be implications on how we communicate as well.  With texting arguably being the most common form of communication at the moment; the survey surprisingly revealed that just seven per cent of those interviewed mentioned text messages as being the most common form of communication by 2062.

 The likes of advanced, video-messaging are set to take precedence and a quarter of people actually believe family members will opt to communicate virtually over face to face.

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