Wednesday, 28 November 2012

shrinking chocolate bars

Are Mars getting smaller - or was it just that we were getting bigger.

Then it became a matter of fact: consumer studies showed the falling weight of chocolate bars over the years.

inflation by the back door - the real inflation rate should be higher...

Not so, it turns out: the Office for National Statistics takes into account shrinking product sizes in its monthly survey of prices

Rising food prices were a major factor in the sharp spike in October inflation to 2.7 per cent reported today.

But the ONS also said consumers were getting less for their money after a number of confectionery products reduced in size.

This is treated as a price rise by statisticians, even though the price has stayed the same.

Sweets giant Cadbury recently decreased the weight of its Dairy Milk chocolate bar from 49g to 45g while continuing to charge 59p. It relaunched the bar in a new curved shape and said the decision to reduce the size had been taken in the wake of rising fuel and cocoa prices.

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