Friday, 15 March 2013

621-mile range, 10-minute charge

Maltese company announces electric car with 621-mile range, 10-minute charge time

Rather ironic for a little isalnt thats less than 20 miles long.

An electric car boasting more than double the range of the 265-mile-per-charge Tesla Model S is currently in development on the island nation of Malta.

Alternative energy firm Silex Power has announced plans to build a battery-powered luxury car called the Chreos, which it says can go 621 miles between charges.

And it will take only 10 minutes to fill it up.

Using a system the company calls Hypercharging, owners will be able to plug the Chreos into a high voltage charging station developed specifically for the car for the ultra-fast charge. Tesla employs a similar system for the Model S it calls Supercharging that needs more than an hour to top off the battery pack.

Along with cost, short range and long recharging times are two of the main factors holding back the mainstream adoption of electric cars. A recent, controversial story in The New York Times recounted a trip in the Model S from Washington, D.C., to Milford, Conn., using Tesla's charging station network that highlighted the potential pitfalls of long-distance travel in these types of vehicles and led to hundreds of cancellations for the Model S, according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Many details about the Chreos are still under wraps, but in a telephone interview with, Silex Power CEO Jonathan Grech said the battery is an evolution of existing technologies, rather than an all-new advance in energy storage.

exciting eh!!!

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