Monday, 11 March 2013

iPad Allows This Electric Car To Drive Itself

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found this over the weekend....

Robotic technology developed by Oxford University is working alongside the iPad to enable an electric Nissan Leaf to drive itself. Apple’s tablet is built into the vehicle’s dashboard, and can be used to activate the robotic technology that will take over the vehicle for short stretches.

The system, which is designed to take the strain off of drivers during busy commutes, uses small cameras and lasers built discretely into the body of the car that allow it to recognize its surroundings and avoid collisions.

The new technology is low-cost, according to Oxford University, and aims to provide us with a glimpse at what the car of the future might be like. It learns routes you regularly take — such as the drive into the office or the morning school run — then uses an iPad fitted to the dashboard to ask whether you’d like the car to take over for a short period on a familiar route.

Touching the iPad’s display activates “auto drive,” and then the robotic system takes over. Tapping the brake pedal returns control to the driver at any time.

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