Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Chromebook Pixel Pt II

Fair enough, It's good looking but Google dont have a track history with hardware.

forget apple, but would you really pay  £1049 for a laptop? honestly?

The Pixel, which Google says has the best screen with the highest pixel density of any on the market, is a great showcase for the search company's Chrome OS but it is overpriced

It also comes with huge amounts of cloud storage - a terabyte for three years - which Google says would cost you $1,800 alone (BS), making the Pixel a bargain, but can you trust all you info to the cloud with your internet??? is the UK's net good enough yet?

If you want to make a movie using a high-end video editing application,or play online games, then you will not find the Pixel much use. its a Tablet on steroids. get a Pad, you could get 2 ipads for that cost..

what do you think???

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