Saturday, 25 May 2013

How much do you rely on adaptors and extensions around your home?

You can expect to find around four sockets in an average room in a house. Although this is enough for most purposes, an increase in the use of computers, games consoles and other appliances has led to the number of sockets being needed in an average room to increase to eight. Extension leads and adaptors often provide a quick and easy solution but, in reality, these leads and adaptors are often misused, and can present a very real danger. In extreme cases they can overheat, which can cause a fire.

  1. Use adaptors plugged into other adaptors; or
  2. Overload adaptors, particularly withhigh-current appliances such as kettles, irons and heaters. (Low –current appliances include radios, televisions, computers and hi-fi equipment.)
  3. Buy cheap, substandard adaptors
  4. The most sensible action would be to install extra sockets.While you are at it, ask a registered electrician to install twin sockets rather than single ones.
stay safe

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