Wednesday, 8 May 2013


From Wiring Matters

It is good to see John Madden calling for a British Standard for socket covers (letter in issue 45 of Wiring Matters; see also uk). Regulation is also the subject of an e-petition started by Trevor Ord and supported by FatallyFlawed.

Mr Madden raises a number of issues deserving further examination. He refers to the evidence he gave to the Fatal Accident Inquiry into the tragic death of Liam Boyle, killed as a result of having access to a cable with exposed conductors. The Sheriff’s determination in this case is online in the public domain, and is worth studying.

The idea that plug-in socket covers reliably prevent children from plugging in dangerous appliances is not based on research or fact, but on wishful thinking.

A BS 1363 plug is secured in a socket solely by force exerted on the pins by the socket contacts. The only way that a  cover can legitimately be made difficult to remove is to ensure that it is impossible to grip it.

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