Thursday, 2 May 2013

Woman blindly follows sat-nav through six countries

Sat nav's are like spell check, out need to know when to trust them

based on that simple ethos, check this out...

67-year-old Sabine Moreau originally planned to drive 38 miles to Solre-sur-Sambre in Belgium to pick up a friend from the station, the Daily Mail reports, but when her sat-nav decided to take the scenic route, she ended up some 900 miles away in Zagreb, Croatia.

Such was her faith in the sat-nav, she failed to realise she had driven through six countries with different languages on the road signs. She stopped multiple times to refuel and, incredibly, even parked up in a lay-by for a few hours to sleep. When asked whether the length of her journey seemed strange, Moreau said: "Maybe, but I was just preoccupied... I was a bit absent-minded as I had a few things to think about, I suppose."

Such was the length of the journey, Sabine's son had believed his mother was missing and a manhunt was about to begin, according to a spokesman for the Belgian police. Embarrassingly, Ms Moreau had to make the journey back from Croatia to Belgium, which took her total distance travelled to 1,800 miles - more than four times the distance between London and Edinburgh. The entire trip took a total of sixty hours.

It is not clear whether the sat-nav or Ms Moreau was to blame for the epic journey and if the woman's friend is still waiting for that lift. If he or she is reading this, we would suggest you hail a cab.
The moral of the story? As clever as modern-day technology can be, a bit of common sense goes along way.

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