Thursday, 23 May 2013

Obvious dangers – yet we all make these mistakes

Changing a belt on a vacuum cleaner while it is still plugged in
Always unplug an appliance before you try to do any maintenance. You risk injury from electric shock, burns and mechanical movement if you tackle maintenance before appliances are unplugged and have cooled down.

Trailing the cable under the carpet or rug to keep it out of the way.
Flexible cables trailed under carpets, rugs or across walkways are not only a major danger in terms of tripping , but also a fire risk.

Drying clothes on an electric heater, with water dripping onto live parts
This is particularly dangerous, and could cause an electric shock or fire. Many electrical appliances, such as heaters, have ventilation slots to prevent overheating. If these slots are covered up, the appliance could overheat and catch fire, or if water drips in, there is a risk of electric shock.

Installing downlighters
Choosing the wrong downlighters, installing them incorrectly or fitting the wrong replacement lamp can pose a serious fire risk in your home. It is best to use a registered electrician to install your downlighters and that you keep instructions in a safe place for future reference, such as when you need to replace a lamp. For your safety you should check for visible markings on downlighters indicating lamp wattage and lamp type.

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