Saturday, 3 August 2013

I know in this weather you are not thinking about electric blankets, but....

Ten thousand electric blankets are being recalled by high street giant Debenhams amid fears they may "catch fire".

Debenhams yesterday said it was recalling two makes of its "Sleeping Beauty" electric blankets after complaints from a handful of customers.

Despite the country enjoying a summer heatwave, the store insisted it had "withdrawn" the product, typically used in the depths of winter, from sale as soon as it became aware of the problem.

A spokeswoman said there was a risk of the electrical cable shorting out, which causes the bedding to "burn".

She insisted that none had over-heated and no fires had been caused.

But tests would be carried out to "ascertain" the risks and customers should bring the blankets back to stores "immediately".

The models affected are the "Tie-On Under Blankets, SB1001 and SB1002", which have been on sale since October 2011. 

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