Thursday, 22 August 2013

What if everyone plugs in their cars at once?

Can you imagine it, a day in the future when fossil fuels are all but a memory and we all have plug in cars, do you think we might 'kill' the national grid?

Its a possibility, so we need a smart charger

Currently electric cars account for fewer than 0.05 percent of vehicles but one day that percentage will be higher

The proliferation of electric cars will bring benefits — like lower emissions — ­but could also create a few headaches for the grid.

The prospect that millions of Brits will get home from work and plug in their cars at the same time. it could actually put the lights out especially in London where the infrastructure is already at breaking point.

Smart chargers monitor the status of the grid and adjusts accordingly, switching off when demand is high and switching on when power is plentiful.

Adaptive charging could lower car owners’ electricity bills by allowing them to draw power when rates are lowest. And if enough cars use the systems, they could also collectively provide a valuable service to the power grid by dampening swings in electrical generation from the growing number of wind farms and solar arrays.

watch this space

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