Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Nine billion litres of water a day

Homes in Great Britain use nine billion litres of water every day, the largest and most comprehensive study of water use ever has revealed.

At Home with Water, a report commissioned by the Energy Saving Trust Foundation in partnership with DEFRA, Procter and Gamble, Thames Water, Consumer Council for Water and SaveWaterSaveMoney, presents the findings from a study of 86,000 British households – and sheds new light on how Brits use water.

Showers are the biggest consumers of water in the home, using a quarter of the total – three per cent more than lavatories (22 per cent).

At Home with Water found an average shower lasts 7.5 minutes – and cutting a MINUTE off that time would save Hertfordshire households £3.6 million on energy bills each year.
Each day Britain “showers away” over two billion litres of water. At Home with Water pulls back the curtain on the showering habits of Brits, finding:

On average, Britons shower 4.4 times a week, and take 1.3 baths.
An average shower lasts 7.5 minutes – with one in eight taking more than ten minutes.

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