Saturday, 3 January 2015

Smart Home - Blossom

I know it is raining right now in the UK but there are some clever thing coming out this year for when the sun comes out.

You know we were going on about the  "internet of things" and "smart home"- after trying the Nest learning thermostat. well here's one for gardeners


Blossom's internet-connected hub uses weather forecasts to determine when to spray water, and can also be triggered by the owner's smartphone

The idea is to empower everyday objects by letting them create and/or make use of online data.

Blossom will have a garden sprinkler system that can decide when to switch on based on weather forecasts, while SmartQSine is showing off pads for the pantry that allow you to keep track of how much of your favourite foods are left.

exiting times.

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