Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Seaward's new adaptor extends the range of electrical safety tests that can be carried out on 3-phase equipment

In many cases 3-phase industrial equipment is fitted with electronic control circuitry which makes insulation testing inappropriate. In such cases the insulation should be assessed by measurement of the protective conductor current.

Seaward has introduced a specialist new adaptor to extend the range of electrical safety tests that can be carried out on 3-phase equipment. The new Seaward TPA test adaptor makes this possible and allows specialist factory, industrial and workshop equipment to be included as part of in-service inspection and testing protocols as required by the IEE Code of Practice.

The specially designed new Seaward TPA unit is available with 16A or IEC 60309/ BS4343 compatible plugs and sockets allowing it to be connected in-line with the 3-phase supply to measure the current flowing in the protective conductor.

The TPA has been developed for use with the new Seaward PrimeTest 250 PAT and extends range of measurements that can be performed on 3-phase equipment using a lightweight and highly portable handheld tester.

The test adaptor is connected to the PrimeTest 250 allowing quick and easy measurement of the earth continuity without removing covers or disconnecting wires to gain access to the protective conductor in the in-coming supply. When the 3-phase appliance is operating, the protective conductor current measured by the test adaptor is shown on the PrimeTest 250 display.

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