Thursday, 29 September 2011

Car Battery Makers’ Capacity Will Be Double Demand

do you remember Dr Emet Brown in his Delorean.... will here comes your first Gigawatt action since then...

Producers of electric-car batteries such as LG Chem Ltd. and Johnson Controls Inc. are building new plants at such a pace that capacity will grow to almost double automakers’ demand, a Bloomberg New Energy Finance report shows.

While manufacturers will have capacity to make 35 gigawatt hours of batteries by 2013, carmakers have committed to produce as many as 839,000 plug-in electric vehicles needing a total of 18 gigawatt-hours of storage, the London-based researcher said.

“The larger, mainly Asian, conglomerates can cope with limited demand and compete by lowering prices but smaller pure- play battery makers will be left vying for an increasingly limited number of supply contracts,” said Ali Izadi-Najafabadi, an energy technologies analyst at New Energy Finance.

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