Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Simple steps to electrical safety

Every week in the UK someone dies in an electrical accident at home, and one in eight has had a serious electrical shock. Yet many people in Bristol continue to put themselves at risk because their home electrics are outdated.

Do you have adequate RCD (residual current device / earth trip) protection.
an RCD fuse box could save your life, protect against dangerous electrical shock and reduce the risk of electrical fires.

We all use electrical appliances daily and it's natural to want to solve simple electrical faults, but please get your electrical system professionally checked

For safety around the home, don't use any appliances, lighting and switches that are faulty or visibly damaged.

if you cant afford a new fuse box, a plug-in RCD costs as little as £10.
a modern fusebox (consumer unit) with built-in RCD-protection could be a life-saver for you and your family."

What is an RCD consumer unit?
A consumer unit is the same as a fusebox and is used to control and distribute electricity around the home. It usually contains a main switch, fuses or circuit breakers and one or more RCD's (residual current devices) RCDs are sensitive switching device that trips a circuit when an earth fault is detected.

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