Monday, 7 November 2011

Bid to recruit female electricians

A campaign to encourage more women to become electricians is being launched with those in London among the first to receive training.

The Electrical Contractors' Association campaign, Wired for Success aims to reduce female unemployment and tackle the industry's skills crisis at the same time. Unemployment for women is at its worst since 1988.
Former ECA president and skills ambassador, Diane Johnson, who leads the campaign, said: "On the one hand, our industry is facing an impending skills crisis. On the other, there are more than a million unemployed women in the UK at the moment. In my head I see an obvious solution to two problems."

Women make up only 1% of those qualified in the electrical industry, and it is estimated 5,000 apprentices are needed each year to fill the gap.

Working as an electrician is flexible, and attractive to women with families, she said. ignoring the fact that you can be asked to go out on call at stupid o clock in the morning, and when a project is behind you have to work 7 days a week to get it finished

Over the next two years, 12 women in London living in social housing will receive specialist training and work alongside three contractors to become competent enough to work in the domestic market.

keep you fingers crossed, it could, & should happen.

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