Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Lack of information hinders UK energy efficiency uptake

to be honest. do you really know what PV is? how does a Solar panel work...

a lack of information is hampering energy efficiency.

Ninety per cent are unaware of the existence of Carbon Trust loans, although respondents said they were keen to go green at home, if financially rewarded.

there is a lack of education about energy efficiency is seriously hampering progress.

Over one quarter of those surveyed said they would be motivated to save energy if they had access to financial subsidies in the form of interest-free eco loans to support their switch to more energy efficient products.

Although 70% of respondents were willing to or had already installed environmentally-friendly heating systems and 60% were willing to install solar panels, only 13% had heard of and understood photovoltaics’ Feed-in Tariffs.

Measurable cost savings were what matter most to most of you... ever heard of a smart meter???

surveys also found that 81% of the UK is purchasing energy-saving light bulbs – ahead of their German and French counterparts. Despite this, only 3% were willing to install sensors that shut lights off when a room is unoccupied.

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