Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Photovoltaic Industry and emissions targets

The PV industry has quite literally s**t itself ove the proposed cuts to the FIT...

Mitsubishi Electric raises the alarm, as it alone faces sales losses of at least £10m due to the cancellation of orders that have already been won, but which cannot complete by the deadline and the fact that stock currently at sea cannot arrive before the cut-off date.

In addition, this doesn't take into account the costs already sunk in surveys, feasibility studies, education and training of industry partners, consultants, Housing Associations and end users, or the postponement of any further investment in employment related to solar.

Jackson believes that the industry has already shown how it can respond to change given appropriate time with the way it bounced back after the Fast Track Review which came into effect at the beginning of August.

This saw a curb on large scale, investor-backed schemes and meant quite a bit of market realignment. The response, across the whole industry and certainly for manufacturers such as Mitsubishi Electric required substantial investment and faith in the prospects for Renewables in the UK and was the key factor in the schemes success. Without this commitment and investment from industry there would not have been success at any scale.

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