Saturday, 3 March 2012

14 new pure-electric cars models in the next year...

In the coming year, major car manufacturers will begin selling 14 new pure-electric cars and, for the first time, they will be sharing a standard plug-in cable. However, now, some companies believe that electric cars don't need a plug at all. Here's a look at a universal car charger.

A partly-disassembled car is being charged, yet it is not plugged in. Since the dawn of the electric car, manufacturers have been dogged by the charger. At the turn of the century, there were almost as my different plugs as there were cars. This was a problem for public garages that could not accommodate every style. And for drivers who had to worry whether their destinations would have the right plug socket. I know. I drove an electric Honda as my only car for four years.

Today, for the first time, the industry has standardized on a single charger. Well, actually three flavors of a single charger: Level 1, which uses a common 120v AC plug, but is slow, Level 2, which requires a dedicated 240v AC charger and plug in your garage, but is 4 times faster, and Level 3 (and DC Quick Charge), which are not intended for home use, but are superfast (30 minutes to a full "tank").

maybe the industry is growing up and we can actually consider going electric

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