Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Random story about Uganda and aviation fuel...

Bright future

The LED looms large for anyone looking to the future of lighting technology. “Everyone in the lighting industry is aware that LEDs will one day replace most of our luminaires and lamps, maybe in the next 20 years, maybe sooner or later. We’ll not see them any more,” says Jukanovic. “The LED will add a new chapter and what I find most interesting is how the LED will be used by people other than us in the West.

“A project has been launched in Uganda to replace kerosene lamps with LEDs. More than 4 million Ugandans still use kerosene to light their homes at night, which is hugely expensive, and very unhealthy, the same as smoking two packets of cigarettes each night. The influence of the price is key: now LEDs are cheaper, so that for £7.50 (about $10) Ugandans can buy an LED light and a solar panel to put on top of their house. They have been using a technology from the 1850s and suddenly they will be able to throw it away and make a great leap forward with LEDs. In this way, LEDs will be much more influential for them than us.”

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