Friday, 9 March 2012

Build power plants, not futile turbines - a one man war, who doesnt strictly

know all the pertinant facts, but we will give him a voice. bear in mind recent Gov statements over partnering with France on domestic nuclear and weapons...

Using wind turbines to generate electricity on a large scale in the UK is an extremely expensive and futile exercise.

In the UK, we are highly dependent upon a continuous supply of electricity.

​UP IN SMOKE: Nuclear or fossil fuel-burning powers stations are needed if we are to avoid power shortages.
Therefore, if we wish to maintain our way of life, we must have sufficient generating capacity to satisfy our peak demands.

As ageing power stations go out of service, we must build new ones now.
This means they will have to be nuclear or of the conventional fossil fuel-burning type.
They must be built in the immediate future to ensure we don't suffer power cuts.
Just remember that supermarket tills, banks, computers, the internet, railways, hospitals, etc depend on electricity.

Green alternatives of sufficient reliability and capacity just do not exist, this is the reality.
The idea that humankind's production of carbon dioxide is significantly changing the climate of our Earth has never been proved.

Over the last 15 years, the average global temperature has remained static even though the concentration of carbon dioxide has increased.

There have been major recorded warm periods in the Earth's recent history.
When the Romans were here and in medieval times when there were no power stations or aircraft etc.

The greatest influence on the Earth's climate is the sun, over which we have absolutely no control.
The imposition of enormous amounts of "green" taxation hurts the individual at a time of a serious recession when we need every penny we can get.

It makes our manufacturing industries non-competitive as the taxes increase the cost of everything.
It means hospitals have to buy "carbon credits" to operate whereas the money should be spent on curing the sick, not subsidising foreign manufacturers to make and erect wind turbines. The very large subsides are what attract these companies to the UK.

We have seen how useless and dangerous these enormous turbines are by the ones that have caught fire or had their blades blown-off or have been paid to shut down because the grid cannot handle the excess of electricity generated at the wrong times.

If individuals using their own money wish to make their own electricity by "green" methods, that is up to them but governments have an obligation to have a properly thought out continuous electrical energy to supply policy.

This cannot rely on "green" initiatives.

Ian Jones, Westland Road, Kirk Ella.

We say, try and use you energy to create an alternative, because with your plans, when the fossil fuels run out or become too expensive to be viable, just what are you going to use to fire up your PC or lap top.

be the solution, not the problem.

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