Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Fire safety tips for caravans

During recent months, there have been a number devastating caravan fires in the UK. Two caravans have been destroyed in Manchester, shortly after a first two were burnt out in Glasgow. Both incidents are believed to have been caused by arson attacks.

On Wednesday January 11th, a group of vandals set fire to a communal car park in Kirkintilloch, near Glasgow. Although a neighbour spotted the flames and alerted the fire brigade, the damage was too extensive for the caravans to be saved. Ten firefighters were involved in fighting the Alloway Drive blaze.
On 29th January, more vandals were involved in an arson attack on an MOT centre in Greater Manchester. Two caravans, a camper van and a van were destroyed in this particular fire, with approximately £80,000 worth of damage being done. The MOT centre’s owner, Simon Eskins, confirmed the extent of the destruction in an interview with a local newspaper, “Two expensive caravans, a motor home and a van, which I was storing for people have all gone up. There was also damage to a fence, a sign and the toilet and other vehicles nearby were affected by smoke damage.”

In view of these attacks, a reminder of caravan fire safety tips

  1. ring the fire brigade and ensure that the situation is brought under control.
  2. keep an extinguiser to hand
  3. have a fire blanket in the kitchen
  4. check your smoke alarm is working
if in doubt - get out

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