Thursday, 15 March 2012

Renault claims that its electric car range will cost about a third less to run than petrol and diesel models.

I can see you rubbing your chin, with a quizzical look

"With pump prices at an all-time high, isn't it time you switched?" the French firm states...

It cites its just-launched Kangoo Van ZE (Zero Emission) which is, according to the company, "35 per cent more affordable than a diesel".

more chin rubbing ensues

The company is aware of a recent survey from that says 74 per cent of drivers who took part in its latest survey feel "prevented" from buying EVs due to the high retail prices Japanese, European and American manufacturers have slapped on their products.

Renault explains how it arrives at its "35 per cent more affordable" claim in some smallprint on its website, but it's chiefly down to the new Plug-in Van Grant.

The French car-maker is now proudly pro-electric while adopting a brave diesel-sceptic stance. Renault also believes it can succeed where others (including sister company, Nissan) have failed in convincing consumers that EVs are a wise financial bet.

Whether Renault will be claiming those 35 per cent cost benefits for consumers thinking of investing in its imminent range of all-electric passenger cars and quadricycles remains to be seen.

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